The Week That Diet Coke Turned Pink???

Diet Coke x Tickled Pink

To mark the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Frank client Diet Coke has turned its 250ml cans pink. The limited-edition design will be available from Asda stores nationwide and are in support of Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign.?In addition, Diet Coke has also hidden ten pink cans in special multipacks – offering those lucky enough to find one, £1,000!

Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign has raised over £64m to date and supports the work of the UK’s leading breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now. This year, to continue the brand’s long-standing support of the charitable initiative, Diet Coke will donate 10% of the limited-edition 250ml pack’s sales to Tickled Pink.

Frank announced the news to media this week, with coverage including Metro, Pretty 52 and HypeBae, and the team is busy sending out packs to raise awareness of the cause.

Patagonia Sets Up Coffee Shop For Environmental Activists

Outdoor clothing brand, Patagonia, has opened a coffee shop for environmental activists and any others who have the desire to learn more about the current climate crisis.

The pop-up, which is open for three weeks on London’s Broadway Market, is a psychical manifestation of the brand’s?digital platform, Patagonia Action Works.

Visitors can look through or borrow books written by the thought leaders and activists. There will also be in-store workshops and environmental stalls each market day (Saturday) on Broadway Market to answer any questions you may have.

All proceeds from coffee purchases will be donated to local UK environmental NGOs and charities.

What better way to spend your weekend? Have a wander down?gorgeous Broadway Market, have a coffee and help to save the world with your drink purchase!

Fashion retailer, Diesel, launched its latest campaign in collaboration with Coca Cola, aiming?to shed light on the value of recycling.

The new 12-piece (Re)Collection showcases simple silhouettes using materials including PET, made from plastic bottles and recycled cotton, and bringing a brand new take to Diesel’s aesthetic whilst celebrating the iconic red Coca-Cola branding.

And how to you get this collection you may ask? Well, the limited edition capsule collection is available through a hidden site which you can only access from your phone. – by simply going to your nearest recycle bin and scanning the recycle logo. It will also be coming to stores across the world this Autumn, but what’s the fun in waiting for that? Get recycling.

The Little Trashmaid

An artist, s0s1’s,?has created ‘The Little Trashmaid’ who has captured the hearts of internet users. In an ongoing project, the illustrator has reimagined?the classic tale, made iconic by Disney, but for the era we are currently living in – where plastic and litter is clogging up the ocean.

The series focuses on a green haired mermaid, who has a six-pack plastic rings from?beer cans attached to her tail and an outfit made from plastic bags. She travels around the modern-day ocean showing her sea creature friends and daily activities.

While the series is highly creative and entertaining, the comic shows plastic waste being used in ways you might never have thought of. It is a reminder of the creatures in the ocean and how their lives?are being impacted by the actions of humankind.

You can have a look at the full series here.

Instagram Introduces Branded Content Tags for IGTV

When you think of influencers and sponsored video content, you don’t typically think of IGTV. However, that’s all about to change as Instagram is adding branded content tags for IGTV.

This feature is only currently available for Business and Creator accounts which are granted access after meeting Instagram’s Eligibility Standards. When applied, a “Paid Partnership with…” note will appear in the header of the video post.

This update is a positive development in the influencer marketing sector, as it aids brands in expanding their audience reach due to its ability to produce longer sponsored content.

Instagram is now paying more attention to its IGTV platform as they are ambitious to make it a major destination for video consumption, even a competitor to YouTube, so we’re excited to see what else the platform has?in store for the future!

Boris Johnson Accused of Manipulating Google Search Results

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticised for using a particular language in recent interviews. Theorists claim that, Boris may be?mentioning certain key terms that he has been?negatively associated with? in order to manipulate?Google search results.

If you haven’t already heard, Boris Johnson got into trouble recently as the press reported that he had an alleged affair with a former model. As you would expect, if you were to Google ‘Boris Johnson model’, you would be greeted by an array of negative news articles about the incident. However, in a recent interview, Johnson described himself as a “model of restraint”, in an attempt to deflect and redirect the key words to present himself in a more positive light.

This raises concerns about how easy it is to manipulate Google searches to hide any negative press that might be floating about on the internet. Nonetheless, SEO consultant Zelezny stated “manipulating Google search engine results by saying some ridiculous things is not easily done.” So, before you start Googling Boris Johnson with every ridiculous key term under the sun, be warned that you might still see all the negative press before you come across a positive article.

Kar-Shing Tong

Kar-Shing Tong, otherwise?known as @Ks_Ate_Here, is a foodie who shows off his love for unhealthy lunchtime meals on Instagram.

With a following of 107K, Kar-Shing shares his mouth-watering photos with the public and?documents his move from New Zealand to the UK. His photos contain snaps of appetising street food, as he shows how eating out can be done casually and at affordable prices.

Kar-Shing currently resides in London and is always on the lookout for new delicious food to try. So, keep an eye on his Instagram for some restaurant or meal inspiration. However, be careful if you look at his Instagram on an empty stomach, as you’re bound to be left feeling very hangry afterwards.